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Geek & Sundry‘s Unplugged featuring War Thunder
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Geek & Sundry‘s Unplugged web series will feature War Thunder on April 10th

War Thunder has been featured in the episode of Geek & Sundry‘s recently launched web series Unplugged.See the full episode below:

Unplugged is hosted by YouTube celebrity Ashly Burch of ‘Hey Ash Whatcha Playin?’ fame. Each episode of Unplugged features celebrity contestants going head-to-head in a video game and then experiencing the real thing. In the latest episode airing on April 10th, two special guests will go from playing War Thunder on a Surface Pro 2 in a hangar in the Las Vegas desert to flying actual high-performance stunt planes in true dogfighting action, where they’ll experience up to 9Gs of blackout-inducing force.
Unplugged’s brand partner, Microsoft will provide Surface Tablets with additional promotional giveaways of War Thunder Advanced Packs, featuring the legendary US Army Air Force P-51D Mustang. This bundle will be avaliable in the Microsoft strore until May 1st (US only).

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