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Field tests of the British AEC Mk.I armoured cars in Africa showed that its weak 40 mm cannon was far from enough to go toe to toe with the German Pz.III and Pz.IV tanks. Engineers at the AEC company proposed a new version of their armoured car with strengthened armament and a more powerful engine. The new wheeled military vehicle carries the renowned British 6-pounder 57 mm gun. The vehicle’s crew was increased to four and its top speed to 40 mph (65 km/h).

Meet the AEC Mk.II – a lightly armoured and nimble British armoured car at the starting rank. Concentrated adrenaline and bloodlust in a compact hull only for participants of the Winter Marathon!

Festive Quest


"Tricolor (disruptive) pattern" will be given to all owners of the AEC Mk.II with 350,000 lights on the tree on the main page of the site

The War Thunder Team

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