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M8 Light Armoured Car: Long Legged Canine

Before you is an armoured vehicle that is undoubtedly a plus in the increasing battle dynamics. Experienced players can display miracles of tactics in dynamic vehicles. The M8 can travel at 55 mph (88 kph) and arrive at a capture point much faster than any potential enemy and the quick-fire 37mm cannon is more than just good against any Pumas.

By the way, the cannon’s angle of vertical elevation is just excellent: 10 degrees down and 20 up. And if it isn't enough for you, there's the bonus of a powerful machine gun which will be enough against similar ranked vehicles.

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What about protection? The Greyhound will survive machine gun fire, but the main defence of this vehicle is it’s size! Stationary, it completely disappears behind any truck or a low rock and attack the enemy from completely unexpected positions. Just one problem - this vehicle can not swim. But with such a high speed it can quickly go around most water barriers.

The War Thunder Team

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