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Gladiators.WT 4x4 - Final Stage
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Dear friends! Beginning today we will have the matches between the gladiators teams that reached the super final of the tournament. 16 teams from both Realistic and Simulator divisions will start their fight from the 1/8 of the final for the prize places and the title of the champions of War Thunder. Hardened and welded together in to an united force, the aces are ready for the decisive battles with the roars of the engines and the “Cover me! Attacking!” calls!

The teams from division #1 of the Simulator battles like: =MNS= Russia, =NBSI=Japan, B.M.P.E.Russia, -313- CZ+SK, Wolfe Russia,=MNS=/2 Russia, and also from the division #2 of Realistic battles: -TFD- Germany, "FuFu Academy" Russia, [ANGEL]squad 2 Russia,[FuFayki]Russia, completed the qualification and group stages, won 6 battles and at the same time haven’t suffered even a single defeat! Worthy as an example is the exceptional team =MNS= Russia, who havent lost a single plane in their matches and showed unique flying and battle skills of their pilots..

Tournament grid of the super-final in devision #1 SB


Tournament grid of the super-final in devision #2 RB


22nd of March at 15:00 (GMT), the first ones to open the match series of play-offs will be the team from the Japan =NBSI=Japan, which is led by an already legendary tournament player, the best of their aces - Mobius1 and the international team Enigma Russia, Ukraine, Estonia.

Championship Charts

Matches for today

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