War Thunder Ground Forces - Join Closed Beta!
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We continue to send invites for War Thunder Closed Beta Testing on a daily basis. This weekend we’re planning to invite a really large number of new CBT players, who have completed tasks given by the Ground Forces HQ. Even more - in two days invitations will be sent for all players who have completed 90% of tasks or more.

Also, accessing test servers of War Thunder ground forces will become more user friendly. When you receive an invitation or purchase a Tank Pack - simply download the new installer here, download the game and rush into the tank battlefields!

We have a new item in our tank pack store - “Starter Pack with T-26E and SD Kfz 140/1” that grants you immidiate access (server time permitting) to the Ground Forces CBT and includes two premium tanks! Learn more about it here.

See you on the battlefields of War Thunder!

War Thunder Team.

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