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Gladiators.WT 4x4: the Draw
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Dear friends! The tournament steam train that is Gladiators.WT 4x4 2014 has passed the half way point. We are happy to highlight two main factors at this stage:

  1. Gladiator battles in the virtual skies of War Thunder has forged the team spirit of separate pilots into unified fighting units, just like a casting pot.

  2. For many duel battles has become not only a revelation, but also the key to which people may open the doors of understanding into the fundamental basics of air combat for themselves, allowing greater understanding of tactical and battle moves of the fighter pilot in the one-on-one combat, in pairs and in a squad.

The Group rounds of the final stages in the Simulator battles division is approaching its conclusion. Teams -313- CZ+SK, B.M.P.E.Russia, =MNS= Russia, =NBSI=Japan, Enigma Russia/Ukraine/Estonia, Wolfe Russia,= MNS=/2 Russia have already secured their spot in the play-offs. For the rest of the teams, matches in the final stage are filled with tension.

The Primary sponsor of the Tournament: MSI

In the Realistic battles division, 63 teams need to participate in the final 3rd round of the qualification stage to get into the group round of the final stage. The Team draft will happen on the 5th of the March at 20:30 GMT and will be streamed live at https://www.twitch.tv/metagamingtv


Total prize fund exceeds $28000

Relevant time-table of the matches

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