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The War Thunder Winter Games winners!
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Pilots! The time has come to announce  the War Thunder Winter Games winners!

 Video Contest: War Thunder: "Pair Skating"


First place along with 5000 Golden Eagles for each member of a team and 14 days of premium go to diabelPLunited , JohnWayne_PL , ADAMUSEK , Jolinar05PL




Tuszek90 and xqba007x with their awesome video   win Silver medal and 3000 Golden Eagles +10 days of premium!


And Bronze goes to "May the MiG be with you" by Tacko1608 and SeShadow. They will receive 1500 Golden Eagles each +7 days of premium!


Screenshot contest: "Freestyle"


Second place and 3000 Golden Eagles



First place and 5000 Golden Eagles



Third place and  1000 Golden Eagles


And the best team who won "The 5 Rings" contest !

TheThing345, Loganater,Born2BeFatty,Hybird43, HaydnxD receive 10 000 Golden Eagles each!


 "This is War Thunder" Coub contest


First place - Trommelfeuer and his Badaboom battleship! He receives  T-34 and M4A2 Sherman - Advanced Pack.


Second place award - M4A2 Sherman - Advanced Pack goes to "Stick together" by Tacko1608  


Third place and T-34 Advanced Pack go to  ANNIHILATE with his "Raining Men"


There were a lot of decent efforts and it was hard to choose, so we decided to add some more prizes - 1000 Golden Eagles - and they go to:

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