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Sky Duels: LaGGs vs Friedrichs
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From March 1st 12am GMT (4am PST) to March 3rd 6am GMT (10pm PST)

x4 Research points for the first victory in a day for all nations

+30% Research Points for the LaGG-3 series and Bf.109F series fighters

When flying LaGG-3-8, LaGG-3-11, LaGG-3-35, LaGG-3-66 and Bf.109F-1, Bf-109F-2, Bf.109F-4 и Bf.109F-4/trop:

destroy 20 and 80 aircraft in Arcade Battles

destroy 10 and 30 aircraft in Realistic Battles

destroy 10 aircraft in Simulator Battles

Completing af all tasks will grant you up to 150 000 Silver Lions 

(check your progress in the "Achievements" tab in your Profile)

From the very beginning of the Second World War, the Soviet government had no illusions that the USSR would be involved in the world conflict. The major problem of the Red Army was outdated equipment and all the efforts of the Soviet leaders were focussed to give the up to date or correct vehicles to the army. New Soviet fighters had to compete against modern fighters, like the Messerschmitt Bf.109, the Curtiss P-40 and Spitfires, but also had to be cheap and simple in production to make to allow mass production. One of the projects of the new red-starred fighters became the LaGG-3, named after the names of it's creators - the Soviet engineers Lavochkin, Gorbunov and Gudkov. The main feature of this plane was the intense use of composite plywood, or delta-wood(Stalin wood), this was tough enough to protect the pilot and the internal equipments, but allow the Soviets to save metal that was expensive and not easy to produce.

When the war started in the Eastern Front, the main competitors for the LaGG was the German Bf.109's of the "F" series. This was the further development of the "E" series, "Fridrich" which had absorbed the experience of the intense combat operations in Spain, blitzkriegs in Europe and, of course, the Battle of Britain. Even after the more advanced models of the Messerschmitt appeared, the "Friedrich" was considered by many German aces as the perfect fighter aircraft. Fast, agile and very well armed, the Bf.109F became a symbol of Luftwaffe superiority.

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