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Winter Games End
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From February the 22nd 06:00 GMT and  until February the 24th 06:00 GMT:

x4 RP gain bonus for the first victory for each nation

30% special discount for  XP-50,  P-47D,  B-25J-30, Mustang Mk IA,  Fw-190 A-5


Rewards Increased:


"Wingman" achievement

Had the most assists destroying aircraft.

x3 reward bonus. You will get  15 000 instead of 5 000


x2 reward bonus for:

"Fighter rescuer"

"Bomber rescuer"

"Ground force rescuer" 

Dear players,

This weekend  the Winter Games are closing. Many  of you participated in the events and contests or just had a lot of fun.​
This a moment to reflect that as we come out of the winter period, the reason we are all here is you, the community, with your passion and drive, your forward thinking and we move into a spring of War Thunder.​

War Thunder team.

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