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War Thunder Winter Games: "Curling"
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The War Thunder Winter Games go on! We present a new custom mission in the “Events” gaming mode!

Special event "Curling" starts on Feb.21st 1 pm GMT (5am PST)

From Feb. 21st 1 pm GMT (5am PST) till Feb.24 6am GMT (6pm PST)

x4 Research Points for the first victory in a day!

The objective of the mission "Curling" is to escort an allied armoured column through the lines of enemy artillery to the capture zone. On the way to the capture zone, tanks are invincible to the players’ fire, but when the columns reach the capture zone , players get the opportunity to destroy the enemy tanks.
Players from both teams can either destroy the firing lines on the path of the Allied armored columns, or interfere with the enemy team, destroying enemy planes. In the capture every destroyed tank slows the capturing of the territory , so you can focus on the destruction of armoured vehicles in the capture area. Only coordinated actions of all players can grant the victory to the team!
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