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War Thunder Winter Games begin!
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The Winter Games are here and we have prepared some events and specials for our players.

War Thunder Winter Games program:

From February 7th to February 23rd 

“Pair skating” video contest

“Freestyle” screenshot contest

This is War Thunder - Coub contest

From  06:00 GMT February 8th to 06:00 GMT February 10th to celebrate the Winter Games opening

x4 RP gain for the first victory for each nation

30% discount for purchase of all rank 2 aircraft

“Pair skating” Winter games video contest in War Thunder

Bring your friends to create the best aerobatics video in War Thunder with our aerobatic smoke of all colours! Post the video to Youtube or Vimeo to attract fellow pilots’ and developers’ attention and win Golden Eagles. Players from all over the world will see your air stunts!


Gold medal (1st prize) - 5000  + 14 days of Premium account

Silver medal (2nd prize) - 3000  + 10 days of Premium account

Bronze medal (3rd prize) - 1500  + 7 days of Premium account

Audience award 1000  + 7 days of Premium account for each member of the winners

See the terms and details on the Forum

“Freestyle” Winter Games screenshot contest

Pilots! It’s time for our Winter Games screenshot competition! Show the spirit of the Winter Games with your catchy screenshots of War Thunder! Shoot the most breathtaking, dramatic or amusing moments of the game while playing the winter maps of War Thunder and think of a sport themed description for your work! Three prizes are lined up for the winners!

We are waiting for the top 3 most imaginative and exciting Winter Games screenshots of War Thunder.


1st place - Gold - 5000 

2nd place - Silver - 3000 

3rd place - Bronze - 2000 

For our master pilots:

You believe you are a master pilot? Try your skill - along with your friends and draw the Olympic Rings using aerobatic smoke in the skies of War Thunder and win the super-prize:

10 000  for each one of the 5 members of the team!

See the terms and details on the Forum

This is War Thunder - Coub contest

Pilots! The time has come to try your hand in short videos known as Coubs!  Loop the time in War Thunder, show your creativity and win awesome prizes from Gaijin Entertainment team!


Golden medal - advanced Т-34 and  M4A2 Sherman pack

Silver medal - advanced Sherman pack

Bronze medal  - advanced Т-34 pack

See the terms and details on the Forum

Citius, altius, fortius!



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