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Ask Me Anything session with developers
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Dear players!

We will be launching an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session with Kirill Yudintsev, Gaijin Entertainment creative director and co-founder and other developers team members on Reddit this Thursday at 20:00 GMT (12:00 PST). We believe that the way Reddit works will make it easier for both players and developers to communicate and because of that we decided to hold it on this platform. The AMA will take place on the War Thunder subreddit. This is your unique chance to learn more about the game and its development and acquaint yourselves with the team behind it.

The topic itself will be created at 20:00GMT (12:00 PST); there you will be able to ask your own questions and upvote the questions that you are interested in to bring our team’s attention to them. Try to stick to “one question – one post” rule, since then it will be easier to navigate through all the questions. The team will begin answering the questions one hour after the topic creation and will continue to do so until 23:00 GMT (15:00 PST).

Link to Topic

Get your questions ready and see you in our AMA!

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