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“Large calibers” event
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Join the “Large calibers” event!

Sky duels for aircraft with 37mm and larger calibers

will beavailable from 11am GMT (3am PST) February 5th till 11am GMT (3am PST) February 7th!

Aircraft participating:

P-39 Airacobra (All the USA and USSR versions, except the Р-400) | P-63 Kingcobra (All the USA and USSR versions)

Me 410A-1/U4 | Ме.410B-2/U4 | Ju.87G1 | Ju87G2 | Hs.129B-3

Yak-9T | Yak-9K | Yak-9P | Tempest Mk.V (Vickers P)

Ki-102 otsu | Ki-96 | Ki-45 otsu | Ki-45 tei | Ki-45 hei

The most widespread calibers used in aviation before the World War II were the rifle 7.62mm and 7.7mm (.303-inch) calibers. However once the war started it became obvious that more potent weapons were needed to reliably destroy air targets, so 12.7mm (.50) MGs and 20mm autocannons became indispensable elements of fighter aircraft equipment in the early 1940s. Even higher firepower was needed to have a chance to damage tanks, ships and submarines, so different countries started developing more powerful weapons for aircraft.

German engineers mounted the experimental BK 5 50mm cannon on the Ju 88 and Me 410 planes, and used the Hs.129 equipped with a 75mm cannon to gain the upper hand over the Soviet KV and T-34 tanks. The British experimented with semi- and fully automatic 40mm and 57mm guns (adaptation of the famous Ordnance QF 6-pounder for the needs of aviation). But the Italian engineers surpassed their rivals by far, fitting out the Piaggio P.108A four-engine bomber with a monstrous 102mm cannon as well as a set of torpedoes and impressive defensive armament.


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