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Personal Data Security
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There have been a few reports from different sources, that the War Thunder password database has been compromised.

We can officially state that the players’ database has never been compromised and any rumours of such are false. Users’ login data is not grouped in any kind of ‘database’, so the breach of any database is not possible.

User authorization in War Thunder is a subject to a secure salted hash algorithm, these are near impossible to breach even if a malicious individual could even access any player database.

Unfortunately, some of our players still use the same or similar logins and passwords to access different systems, this gives an attacker the best opportunity to steal information from unsecured sources and use it to compromise careless player accounts.

It is not safe to use the same password for different systems

We strongly recommend NOT to attempt to use game modification programs, also please DO NOT disable your antivirus software - malefactors may use pseudo-cheating programs to get access to passwords of careless users looking to gain unfair in-game advantages.

War Thunder as well as all Gaijin internet resources does NOT store any user’s private information (except for e-mail addresses that serve as a log-in), thus any attack on Gaijin has no chance to do any harm to your account. But we still recommend using a unique and complex  password for War Thunder and all Gaijin resources.

From our standpoint, we are currently developing a “two-factor authorization” that will give additional protection for those who require it.  

Remember - Personal Password Security starts with you!


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