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Battle of Britain
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"Battle of Britain" special bundle - 30% off!

Special "Battle of Britain"

September 15th marks Battle of Britain day, one of the largest and final all out attacks by the Luftwaffe in the Battle was a last ditch attempt to draw the RAF out en mass, and keep the British on the ground once and for all. 

Throughout August, the Luftwaffe had relentlessly bombarded British airfields and radar stations, as well as many other key assets, in the hopes of rendering the RAF inoperable and paving the way for the German invasion of Great Britain, codenamed “Operation Sea Lion”. 

After an incident on August 24th, where bombs were mistakenly dropped on London, the RAF retaliated by Bombing Berlin. What followed from September 7th onwards would be known as the “Blitz” and was pivotal in turning the tide against the German air force, where the Luftwaffe switched from bombing key RAF assets, to large scale raids over London and several other cities. This gave RAF stations and airfields time to regroup resources, repair damaged runways and aircraft and collect themselves to go right back into action. 

Battle of Britain day on September 15th saw over 1500 aircraft meet in the skies. A last effort attempt by the Luftwaffe to deal, what they thought would be, the “final blow” to an RAF perceived to be on its knees and at the brink of collapse. The deviation from attacking RAF targets at the start of the “Blitz” however ultimately ensured that the RAF was very far from on on brink. 

The battle proved costly for both sides, in military terms and in civilian casualties. The effect on the war however was far greater. Operation Sea Lion was abandoned days later and Britain had managed to bring the German Blitzkrieg to a halt for the time being. Whilst it did not bring about the immediate conclusion of the war, Battle of Britain day and the events before it had dealt a major moral blow to the Luftwaffe and especially to its high command. Miscalculations and underestimations were made on both sides of the Channel, but the conflict would go down in history as one of the most significant air battles ever. 

September 15th 12:00 GMT till September 19th 09:00 GMT

Premium vehicles at a bargain price

Dear players! 

We have prepared a special offer for you this weekend – a special bundle with a 30% discount dedicated to the Battle of Britain.

The final price of the bundle will depend on whether you already have some of the packs or not. Be sure to login to the store to see your individual price!


"Battle of Britain" bundle - 30% off!

This Bundle includes:​

  • Wyvern Advanced Pack;
  • Prendergast`s Spitfire FR Mk.XIVe Advanced Pack; 
  • John Plagis' Spitfire Mk. IXc Advanced Pack;
  • Typhoon Advanced Pack.
104.96 73.47   The offer is valid for PC, Mac and Linux users only. For PS4 players there is 30% off packs included in this bundle from September 15th til 19th.


Upon purchase, you will receive the included vehicles, a sum of Golden Eagles and Premium Account time from packs that weren’t deducted from the bundle price. Note - owning a vehicle from one of the packs alone will not be counted towards the price reduction. You have to own the whole pack as described. You can check this in your purchase history. 

 September 16th 13:00 GMT till September 19th 13:00 GMT

Special "Battle of Britain"

Participate in our 'Battle of Britain' specials, achieve consecutive victories and your selected nation’s trophy. 

  • Day 1:  Late convoy (all 3 game modes); 
  • Day 2: Operation Boulogne-sur-Mer  (RB, SB), [Air Domination] Britain (AB); 
  • Day 3: The hardest day (AB), Late Convoy (RB.SB)

The unique pilot icon of Eric Lock and the “Defender of the Realm” title  can be gained by completing three tasks for Britain and Germany.


For each completed task you will receive a Battle Trophy which include one of the following items:

  • Random "Order"
  • 10-75% discount for British and German premium aircraft
  • Random back-up vehicle x5 for ranks II-IV for British and German aircraft
  • Camouflage for ranks II-IV British and German aircraft

Terms and conditions:

  • The special lasts for three days. A new day in the special begins at 13:00 GMT and ends at 13:00 GMT on the following day.
  • During each day you need to get three wins in a row (50% or more battle activity) for one country (Germany or Britain).
  • The completion of each task will bring you the country’s trophy used in the execution of it. (British trophy / German trophy)
  • The completion of three tasks from either country (any combination of Britain and Germany) will be awarded the main prize - a unique pilot icon of one of the most productive British pilots - Eric Lock.
  • It is permitted to combine the completed tasks. For example: you have completed two tasks for Britain and one for Germany, so you will receive the unique pilot icon.
  • All awards will be issued for the country for which the tasks were completed.
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