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 Saturday 18th of January 2014 marked the very first Xfire War Thunder tournament, 117 teams were involved and tournament organiser, Gavin Weeks, created an enviable first tryout for the co-operation between War Thunder and Xfire. The battles were fast and furious, the skill level shown by all, fantastic. We are proud to include this event into the list of great competitions we intend to bring you, the players , more involvement in the regular events we are planning to improve on.

Xfire creative director commented on the the tournament: "This was our first so had no idea how it would turn out and as a result we have learned a lot. We will be working hard to make sure the next one is even better and will adjust the rules and timings to make sure it is!"


Semi-finals and finals were streamed live and and you can check them right now.




And the winners are:


1st Place: THP (25 000 Golden Eagles + €150 prize)
  • EmiyaKiritsugu
  • [THP]TonO_KoNoHentai
  • Cirno_is_baka
  • GA19th_callmeDL

2nd Place: Llama (17 000 Golden Eagles + €50 prize)

  • Muchflight
  • NASA6
  • SnipeManMike
  • Stahlwollvieh

3rd Place: [GAD] (12 000 Golden Eagles prize)

  • Doerrtraube
  • Modern_AUT
  • ___SW3___
  • Rush85

4th Place: =308=  (6000  Golden Eagles prize)

  • skinfoks 
  • szerLucjan
  • LaiK
  • Kofeina101


See you in the skies of War Thunder!

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