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Crew Medkit and Improvements to the Tank Module Critical Damage System
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We are pleased to present improvements to gameplay in War Thunder tank battles – a crew medkit and improved critical damage mechanics in Arcade Battles.

New Critical Damage System for Engine and Transmission (AB only)

For Arcade Battles on the ground, we've developed a system for critical engine and transmission damage on tanks. Previously, critical damage knocked out the engine and transmission, immobilizing the tank.

Now, damage to these modules works the same as damage to the cannon or aiming instruments. This means that after your engine or transmission are knocked out by an enemy shot, the tank won't be able to move for 5 seconds, after which the modules will be restored with 50% functionality (for example, the Tiger's 8 forward gears would be reduced to 4 after receiving a critical hit).

This provides the ability to escape from enemy fire and repair the tank if you have a repair kit. If you have no repair kit, the tank will still be able to move at reduced engine power or with half the working gears.

Crew Medkit

A new module has been added to the tank hangar menu – the crew medkit. The medkit works automatically when the tank has one crew member left – the medkit is capable of bringing the driver or gunner back to consciousness.

This means that the medkit will revive the second 'essential' crew member so that the tank can move and fire at the same time. If there is no medkit or it has been used, a tank with one crew member will be considered either destroyed (in Arcade Battles) or will continue the battle with one crew member that fulfills the roles of driver or gunner alternately (in RB and SB modes).

The medkit is a consumable module. Auto-purchasing can be toggled on the medkit in the hangar (similar to auto-purchasing shells or suspended ordnance on airplanes).

This means that the survivability of tanks will be improved in Arcade Battles, and in RB and SB the crew will have the ability to continue fighting after most of the crew has been taken out of action

The War Thunder Team

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