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400% Research Points for the first victory!
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x4 RP gain for the first victory for all nations

From January 16th 9am GMT (1am PST) to January 18th 9am GMT (1am PST)

Dear War Thunder players!

Following your requests we have changed Research Points requirements needed to obtain new aircraft in the recent War Thunder Update 1.37.42.  Now these requirements are more linear and high-rank aircraft became easier to access.

In their turn, requirements for the low-rank planes became slightly higher. These changes resulted in some players having to conduct additional research of already open, but not purchased aircraft (2 to 14% of the total research cost in RP for rank I to III aircraft).

The bug is now fixed, we can guarantee now that this issue won’t appear again. Unfortunately, we are not able to restore the consequences of the bug for the players affected.

So we are giving x4 Research Points boost for the first victory for every nation in the game for all War Thunder pilots as a compensation. This special event will be held for two days - January 16th and 17th.

Thank you for your support!

War Thunder team.

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