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We present to you a set of Questions & Answers gathered from the War Thunder community on the social media network and forums. Answers are provided by Game Designers Vyacheslav (BVV_d) Bulannikov and Konstantin (White_W0lf) Klimenko.

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1. Will you add tungsten core rounds for T-62, or only ones of steel construction?

 BVV_d​: "For T-62 (if it is ever added to the game) steel APCRs will be enough, and HEAT of course."

2. Will we see the Leopard-1 А1 (not A1A1) or Kanonenjagdpanzer in the nearest future? Currently Germany has only one Cold War era tank to compete on rank 5.​

 BVV_d​: "At least one of them will be added very soon, follow the Devblogs."

3. Will we ever see physical material barrels for RB and SB?

 BVV_d​: "Unlikely. The Collision Model will make more problems than good. You have to take into the account the power of the turret traverse drive, durability of the barrel and the obstacle, collision speed and direction of the hit. It is not that hard for the game but for the player, any unlucky move will cause barrel damage which is bad news already without having material barrels."

4. When will we have working range measuring systems?

 BVV_d​: "This function is WiP and perhaps will be implemented in 1.53. It will work on all the tanks - basically is just receiving information about the distance by pushing the button, but the tanks who did have the system will have less margin of error."

5. How much time does it take to introduce a new vehicle into the game?

 BVV_d​: "It really depends. Firstly it depends on the modeller and complexity of the model itself. The longest one took 7 months, quickest was around 2 months."

6. Perhaps increase the time of invulnerability after respawn (Spawn Protection)? It is really confusing when I respawn and have enemy tanks around me. What do you plan do with it?

 Whitie_W0lf:​ "Increasing invulnerability time won’t be very helpful, but we are thinking of the variants to improve the situation."

7. Will you add some Belorussian maps?

 Whitie_W0lf: "It is planned."

8. Will you add “Stalingrad” and “Defense of Moscow” maps?

 Whitie_W0lf: "Tank maps you mean? Yes, sure."

9. Will you add Korean War locations or USSR-Japan War in 1945?

 Whitie_W0lf: "As for Korean War - only after we finish with WW2 maps, same goes to USSR-Japan, but there hardly were many big tank battles."

10. Question regarding destructible environment. Will we be able to make our way through a building if the mass and engine are enough? E.g. Maus.

 Whitie_W0lf: "No, if a building would crash on the Maus it would most likely bury it. Tankers don’t drive through buildings - or they may get stuck"


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