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Neubaufahrzeug VI
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Vyacheslav "BVV_d" Bulannikov, Game Designer:

The first multi-turreted tank in the German research tree. The name Neubaufahrzeug translates literally as “new construction vehicle”. The design turned out to be truly unusual for a German tank design. As a result of the experiment, a tank with three turrets, two cannons and three machine guns was created. The main turret housed 75mm and 37mm twin guns. In the turrets ahead of and behind the main turret, arranged chess-board fashion, Dreyse MG 13 machine guns were also installed.

Svetlana Smirnova, Artist:

This tank was developed in the very beginning of the Second World War. It’s easy to imagine how the soldiers must have felt when they first saw this monster.

Very little documentation on the model remained, and when creating this model we had to spend a lot of time searching for information on each individual part of the design. The result was an interesting vehicle. The turrets rotate, the track wheels move beautifully on irregular terrain, and the hull has a multitude of necessary things for a military campaign on it. Take note of the fire extinguisher – this device really came in handy in battle. Don’t lose it!

The War Thunder Team

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