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Panzerbefehlswagen VI Tiger (P)
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The Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger (P) or Porsche-Tiger (after it's designer Ferdinand Porsche) was the rival design to the later favored Henschel-Tiger. As an ambitious project it was constructed specifically to carry the heavy Krupp turret, fitting the 88 mm KwK 36. It featured an unconventional gasoline-electric drive mechanism through which the tracks were powered by an electric engine each, which themselves were powered by 320 hp gasoline engines. The low offroad range of 50 km and frequent failures led to the discontinuation of the project. In War Thunder, the command tank version called Panzerbefehlswagen VI Tiger (P) will be available as a German premium vehicle purchaseable through Golden Eagles. Icons_4_GameMods_000015 Icons_4_GameMods_000018 Icons_4_GameMods_000019
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