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Ilyushin’s Construction Bureau - 81st Anniversary
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From Jan 13th 11am to Jan 14th 11am GMT (Jan 13th 3am to Jan 14th 3am PST)

40% OFF for purchasing Ilyushin’s aircraft: IL-2, IL-2M, IL-4 and IL-10

Sergey Ilyushin saw an airplane for the first time in 1910 when he was 16 years old. The son of a poor peasant family, he fell in love with aviation. After serving in the army, he graduated flight academy and started to design aircraft and participate in military aviation commissions. Soon, Ilyushin had a chance to start his own personal R&D work, founding a separate construction bureau.

Engineers, scientists and technicians under Sergey Ilyushin’s lead have created several outstanding machines for their time, including the DB-3 long-range bomber, the IL-4 torpedo bomber, the IL-28 jet-powered front-line bomber, many cargo and passenger aircraft and of course the legendary IL-2 ground attacker.

Today we’re giving 40% discount for Ilyushin’s planes and a custom mission “Escorting Sturmoviks” available in the “Events” tab in your hangar.

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