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Matchmaking Improvements: Quantitative Restrictions
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Dear players!

We are pleased to inform you that with the next Battle Ratings and Economy update in War Thunder we will expand the process of the matchmaker by introducing a new set of rules, which makes it possible to influence the build of the teams in all game modes.

The rules will be very flexible and can be applied to individual ranges of BR’s, specific types of vehicles and also for specific vehicles. This will allow more precision on the distribution of the forces in battles - ultimately making battles more balanced realising a previously unattainable quality of gameplay. Here is some information which should help you understand the system.

The potential of the new rules is extensive. A good example of how these rules can be used is historical events, which are interesting for players who like realism and fixed setups in battles, and not using matchmaking with BR. Previously, we could only create some events with allowed vehicles and it wasn’t possible to limit the numbers of specific vehicles. This had negative aspects for gameplay in these events, because of course our players prefer the most effective vehicles, which nullified the historical balance.

The new rules give us the functionality that will not only indicate the setups available for the battle, but also to limit the number of individual machines, this will be a big step towards expanding the diversity of tactics and gameplay.

The example with historical events is intended to show the possibility of using the rules, these rules will also apply to tournaments, squadron battles and also, which is extremely important, even in random battles.

Specifically, random battles will have the new rules applied first.

Currently, battles at the higher ranks (from BR 7.0 upwards) are seriously complicated by a margin of the top vehicles in War Thunder, because while the creation of game sessions for BR 8.0 matchmaking will be made only from vehicles with same rank or lower, while the vehicles with BR 7.0 have spread to both sides and thus evenly distributed over the battles receiving much more varied gameplay rather than highest BR’s.

Q.Why do I have so many vehicles with BR 8.0 in my battles?
A.Because matchmaking for BR 8.0 is possible for BR 8.0 or lower.

In such a complex situation, the use of tactics in battles with BR 8.0 does not give the desired effect, because the enemy, which is constrained by these rules, exceeds you not only in thickness of armour, but also, usually by quantity. This situation needed to be corrected.

This is the reason why we decided to implement this step towards progressing players and players who have already reached the top-ranks and why we are limiting the numbers of top-vehicles in each gaming session for both teams. This allows us to diversify the gameplay at the top-ranks and make progress more convenient.

The introducing of the new rules will make matchmaking more complex at higher ranks, because now for the same amount of players at high ranks entering battles we must have more concurrent game sessions, this is not always achievable.

Therefore, the next step is an essential lowering of the ceiling BR’s for aircraft and ground vehicles, which, coupled with the new rules, will mean the work of matchmaking will not lead to the dominance of the top vehicles in a battlefield. This will, of course, require the necessary rebalancing (BR changes) of all vehicles within the affected BR spreads.

How will the matchmaker work using the new rules? Let us see with an example of ground vehicles where the maximum BR will be 7.7.

Initially, the new rules will be applied only for battles of higher ranks with a BR spread between 6.7 - 7.7 and 7.0 - 7.7.

So in battles, where the participating vehicles with a minimum BR of 6.7 and a maximum BR of 7.7, the number of ground vehicles with a BR of 7.7 will be limited to 25% of all team members (4 top-vehicles in a team of 16 players).

In battles where the participating vehicles have a minimum BR of 7.0 and a maximum BR of 7.7, the numbers of vehicles with a BR of 7.7 will be limited to 35% from all team members (6 top-vehicles in the team with 16 players).

We hope that the new matchmaking rules will be a great tool for players aspiring to the heights of progress, and for those who have already discovered the power of top-vehicles, will open up the game to much more varied play. See you in battle!

Questions and Answers:

What will happen if I have a BR of 5.7 will I be matched against vehicles with BR 6.7?​

 Answer: In this situation the rules will not be applied, because it will be applied only for BR spreads between 6.7 - 7.7 and 7.0 - 7.7.

I play only in vehicles with a BR of 7.3. Is it possible that that he numbers of top-vehicles will be limited in my battles?

 Answer: Only if you will be matched in battles with BR spreads which falls under the new rules. So only if you have someone with a BR of 6.7, 7.0 or 7.7 in your battle. If the minimum BR in the battle is 7.3, the amount of vehicles with a BR of 7.7 is not limited.

Enemies with a BR of 7.7 are too overpowered for my tank with BR 6.7!​

 Answer: Matchmaking always tends to level the power of teams and you will have the same number of powerful allies that will balance the advantage.

What about aircraft?

 Answer: The new system will be active for ground vehicles and aircraft using the same rules which are described in the announcement. The top BR in aircraft battles is also lowered.

I have aircraft with a BR of 8.0 and higher and ground vehicles with BR 7.7. What will happen?

 Answer: In this case matchmaking will work as normal, and will select the BR spread for possible opponents between 7.0 - 8.0.

The situation in RB and SB, where strategic bombers are quickly completing the objectives for the team. What effect will this have on that?

 Answer: If the new system works well, we will consider all options for its use in order to achieve comfortable and fair gameplay. limitation of strategic bombers in battles will also be possible thanks to the new rules. Make a suggestion to underline it. :)

Is it planned to introduce the same system to other BR’s? For example 4 tanks with BR 4.7 in battles with BR 3.7.

 Answer: The answer is above. Excessive use of the new system is also not recommend because of the complexity of any matchmaking will inevitably be an increase in waiting time in queues, sometimes up to unreasonable values, which, as in the case of lowering the high BR described above may require appropriate changes.

Increase this innovation to queues in events? Because all players will play using limited vehicles.

 Answer: When the system will be introduced in individual events, that can of course increase the time in the queue, because it is logical that between the Tiger and Pz.III players who has both, player’s will prefer the Tiger. So we'll be careful.

The War Thunder Team

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