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Q&A with Vyacheslav (BVV_d) Bulannikov and Konstantin (White_W0lf) Klimenko
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We present to you a set of Questions & Answers gathered from the Russian War Thunder community on the vKontakte social media network and forums. Answers are provided by Game Designers Vyacheslav (BVV_d) Bulannikov and Konstantin (White_W0lf) Klimenko.

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1. In the recent “Destructible environment” announcement you showed us an example with buildings on “Berlin” map. We know that when this feature arrives buildings only on this location will be destructible, but what can you tell us about your general plans on the feature - will all buildings be destructible or some of them will not in favour of gameplay?

 Answer: "Bunkers will not be destructible - they could not be destroyed effectively even by bombs. Also we think that in the future we will make buildings around spawn zones non-destructible for obvious reasons. But in the beginning they will be destructible as well.  Also remember that not every weapon is capable of destroying a building - a certain calibre and shell yield is required."

2. About destruction physics - the debris will remain on the map and on the server for me and other players or they will disappear?

 Answer: "Currently they disappear and probably they will do so in the future as well - for reasons of performance and internet traffic. Each piece of debris should not also be displayed but also all the changes of its position/integrity should be sent to all the players and that means additional server load and users’ channel load, sometimes it may be really significant."

3. Why does transmission set on fire? It’s only metal and oil that doesn’t set on fire when hit by a shell and there is not enough of it to burn the vehicle, why don’t you just reduce vehicle’s mobility when transmission is hit?

 Answer: "There is much more material in a tank that may cause fire and keep it alive (wiring, personal belongings, dirt mixed with oil and fuel that may accumulate within the tank). I posted pieces of report shooting test in Kubinka where Tiger 2 was hit by 122, HE shell. The first hit caused destruction of welds and the tank set on fire. Here you can see APCR shell hit on the old tank the possibility of transmission fire outbreak (on all tanks not only German) reflects these specifics on real vehicles."

4. Any news on historically accurate aiming reticles?

 Answer: No info on this right now, but there will be some interesting features connected with aiming in RB and SB in the next update.

5. What are the plans on tank arcade? Some players don’t like aircraft in AB, because they kill even more often than tanks. What do you plan to do with the imbalance on certain BRs - like 3.3, 6.7, 8.0. Some vehicles are much better than the others.

 Answer: "We believe (and figures show the same)  that aircraft in AB make gameplay more varied change the scheme of battle and the overall idea with air events is good. More action, more interest.

1. According to statistics, the best bomber has 0.8 tank kills per sortie. The worst one has one kill per 10 sorties. So the average is 1 kill per 2-3 sorties.

2. As for imbalance we will change the BR of certain vehicles and add new ones. But since we endeavor to show realistic vehicles, certain imbalances will remain because tanks were different and some of them were better at certain battle tasks like fighting other tanks." 

6. Any further development of SPAA planned? Any top rank vehicles maybe?

 Answer: "Yes it’s planned. Currently top SPAA’s lack fire density and fire rate to fight jets. Most likely we will introduce “Shilka” for USSR, “Vulcan” for USA, “Falcon” for Britain and perhaps “Gepard” for Germany - but not certain about this one, it used complex systems."   

7. Any plans for modernized versions of tanks? Like IS-2M, ISU-152K, ISU-152M and so on? When will you raise max br to 9.0?

 Answer: "All these tank versions are not that much different from the war-time vehicles, actually these changes were made to adapt these tanks to peace-time standards. The only real difference is ammo but currently we don’t plan these, however it may make sense for 7.0-7.7 BR. Perhaps we will not raise BR for ground forces up to 9.0 at all because this will require even more vehicles and waiting time in queue may significantly increase."

8. Е-100?

 Answer: "We don’t have it in short-term plans. If we ever introduce it, it will be some kind of special limited tank. It should be really rare vehicle if it ever makes its way into the game."

9. Ammo rack turning “black” does not explode. Will you solve this problem?

 Answer: "Probably in the nearest future we will change the DM for ammo racks. Hitting an ammo rack will have a chance to cause ammo detonation but to destroy the module (so it turns “black”) you will need more hits - like 2 or 3 depending on the shell. And when the ammo rack turns black it will always explode. Thus the ammo rack DM should be more clear."

10. Should we expect tanks of Japan and any other nations?

 Answer: "Japan - some vehicles will definetly be introduced, perhaps as premiums for another nation, some are possible before the end of the year. Its own tree? - well, looks like it won’t be soon. As for other nations: Britain, well, it’s clear already. France - as premium vehicles that were used by Germans for example, perhaps its own tree but there are gaps due to obvious reasons so that’s unclear. Italian tanks will be implemented in some way and other European nations also have several interesting vehicles."

The War Thunder Team

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