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Advance to the Rhine
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In the previous update, we rolled out the first fully urban tank map. Continuing the theme of highly complex tank battles in urban conditions, a next update will include a new map: The Crossing of the Rhine. The basis for this map is the famous tank battle at the cathedral in the war-ravaged city of Cologne.

The Crossing of the Rhine map is not a completely accurate recreation of Cologne, but rather a generalized recreation based on battles in German cities in the final stage of the war. Nonetheless, players will see many recognizable places: the magnificent Rhine, the famous Cologne Cathedral and more of the old city's sights.

In the center of the map there stands a monument surrounded by ruins. Each team has the ability to reach that point along three main paths.

The choice between taking the short route or the long route is complicated by a number of alleys and streets from which enemies could appear at any moment. This means that one should carefully study the map before the battle, to make navigation easier, to take into account possible ambushes and attacks, and to take advantage of good cover. Tankers have a choice of two different strategies: local battles at close ranges and tank duels on long fire-swept streets.

Pilots must help their ground troops capture the city to ensure a crossing over the river and allow for a further advance. Finding ground targets among the city’s districts will not be easy. But on top of that, you have to reach them too. Pilots have a 64 by 64 km area at their disposal.

In short, this new map will be exciting both for tried-and-tested players and for newcomers. Dynamic urban battles are the best way to develop your mastery of the game.

This map is work in progress and may not reflect the final quality.

The War Thunder Team

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