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Expanded Matchmaking Mechanics - Quantitative Restriction System
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As you already know, the matchmaking in Random Battles is based on the Battle Rating of the participating vehicles, allowing the creation of game sessions without the explicit need for an additional ruleset or limitations. Through this, battles are quickly created and the teams are generally balanced.

Today, we want to present our plans to extend the rules of our matchmaking to further increase it’s effectiveness.

The goal of every player is to achieve victory, and thus he is likely to choose the most proven technology available to him at a certain rank. For a multitude of reasons, this is a challenging situation: A mission may require certain tasks to be performed by certain machines that may not be as favoured as others, or the diversity of vehicles in battle may be low, as especially in higher ranked battles the range of available vehicles is generally not as wide.

For this reason, we want to add new settings to our matchmaker, allowing us to influence the creation of game sessions with a higher precision. And, of course, we want to invite you to join us to actively test the upcoming changes. But what exactly will change?

With the introduction of our new settings, we will be able to not only limit the amount of vehicles with a certain Battle Rating in a match, but also ensure that these vehicles are distributed more evenly amongst both teams. Additionally, for example, we can then direct how many attack aircraft or heavy tanks are allowed in a match, and even define how many vehicles of a specific type (e.g. Tigers or Shermans) will be able to join the same battle.

These new settings for matchmaking can be set to apply only for certain Battle Rating ranges.

We will inform you about the beginning of our tests in a separate announcement soon™. The tests will be repeated until both players and the development team are happy with the results. Thus, we would greatly appreciate your feedback during testing!

Look out for further announcements and see you on the battlefield!

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