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Tournament evolution
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We are regularly launching tournament events in our game: players participate in tournaments and earn ratings. Rating determines their position in the tournament leaderboard and the skill of the opponents with whom they will join in battle. The best players win prizes: unique titles, game currency, premium vehicle, etc.

We believe that competitive mechanics should not be limited to the rating and prizes alone. Tournaments must be diverse and everyone who wishes to participate should be able to find a game suitable to their skill and affinity: for some, a tournament is an opportunity to play in a unique gameplay event, for others - it is the chance to win prizes, and for the rest - it is the challenge to get to the top and win.

Our task is to make tournaments available for everyone, today we will discuss future innovations coming to this area of interest.

Tickets: unrivaled level of customization for tournaments

Tickets are already an announced mechanic which gives us enormous possibilities in creating different configurations for tournaments. A ticket may require the player to maintain an established winning percentage (for example, with the ticket for 20 battles and the award for 14 wins - only the player with a 70% win rate will be able to gain that award). The award can also be a ticket to the next tournament that allows the creation of the entire tournament system with qualification stages included. There are many possible uses for the tickets, and together with you, we will probably introduce even more possibilities.

Bets: a win feels even greater, if you bet on it

The most obvious mechanic: each player pays for his entry into the battle, betting the ingame currency (standard or a premium) for their gaming skills and in the case of a win receives a guaranteed reward.

Additional award pools are formed based on commission.

Squadron tournaments: for team players

A truly team effort required for the result: each player who is listed in a Squadron can participate in the tournament and bring additional rating for his Squadron or decrease it.

A Tournament considers the overall ranking of the Squadron earned by its members. The personal rating of the players is hidden and is not accounted for.

This format allows the automation of the famous "Gladiators" tournament series: In one day a 4x4 battle can be hosted, 2x2 on another day and finally 1x1 on a third day. At the same time, the leaderboard is combined for each of the days and each Squadron will earn the rating in the three modes, which later will display the best within the tournament results.

Changing the Squadron during the tournament can be allowed or forbidden depending on the tournament settings.

A team may only include players from the same Squadron.

Respawn points: the player helps the team, the team helps the player

The mechanics of these tournaments was used in the ST-1 alpha test - an April Fool's event with walking tanks. You begin a battle and then, depending on the success of your actions in the fight, get a chance to drive or fly in more powerful vehicles. To enhance the sense of team play we are also including the addition of respawn points so it is not only for the actions of the player: each player will receive a percentage of points earned by the team.

Tournaments with vehicles not in the players hanger: anyone can participate

It is difficult to frequently host tournaments in an interesting format for players because of the need to set narrow limits on permissible vehicles. You can not create a tournament with a single aircraft: not everyone owns that aircraft, so we will remove the participation for our own players that in this way.

To solve this, now we will have the ability to give a vehicle with its customizable modification setting into a tournament: if you do not have the required vehicles, the game will allocate it to you thus enabling participation in a battle.

Find your tournament

All tournaments will combine different ideas and offer the player what he specifically wants. Different vehicles, different modes, objectives, requirements and prizes: we hope that everyone will find a place in our tournaments, and this spring we will invite players into an exciting cybersport War Thunder adventure.

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