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Skyraider AD-2 and StuH 42 Ausf. G, 1943
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For all our players who like attack aircraft there will be a pleasant surprise, the legendary Skyraider AD-2 will be introduced into our game. It will be added to the US tech tree in the "Weapons of Victory" update. In addition, we will be discussing the Sturmhaubitze 42 Ausf.G, 1943.

Skyraider AD-2

A fourth rank aircraft which is ideal for ground attack. As can be seen, there is one 20mm M3 cannon with 200 rounds per barrel on the central parts of the wings. Two Mk.51 bomb racks installed at the wing root, which together with the ventral mount can be used for various bombs weighing up to 2000 pounds (907kg) per attachment point or a torpedo type Mk.13-3. Under the folding outer-wing there are 12 pylons which are set to use Mk.9-2 missiles.

Kirill "Lassar" Vostretsov, Game Designer:​

With the release of 1.49, this will clearly be one of the most effective rank 4 attack aircraft and potentially the most efficient one in the game. It has a large payload and the widest variety of armament options available - bombs, rockets and torpedoes

Yuri Titarev, Artist:​

The aircraft is interesting for its "inflated" form. It combines both a massive rounded top and at the same time, the flat bottom of the fuselage. Three air brakes also add to the massiveness of the aircraft. Due to the lack of propeller spinner you can easily see the radiator flaps in front of engine and you can clearly see how they function during animation. The engine itself is installed at a slight angle relative to the axis of the aircraft. We had to spend a lot of time to implement both main landing gear, and their fairings. The model has a lot of animated objects, folding wings, a hook, brake pads, and much more.

Sturmhaubitze 42 Ausf.G, 1943

This german self-propelled gun, introduced at the second rank, will be a serious threat to its opponents.

Vyacheslav "BVV_d" Bulannikov, Game Designer:

Assault variant of the Stug-3 SPG, where the 75mm anti-tank gun was replaced with a 105mm Rheinmetall-Borsig StuH42 howitzer, which was created based on the leFH 18 howitzer light field gun.

The first representative of this type of vehicle in the game. Powerful high-explosive shells allow combat with light armoured vehicles and medium tanks weaker areas are targeted, and HEAT ammunition capable of destroying even heavy tanks.

Svetlana Smirnova, Artist:

An assault howitzer from 1943. This variant is based on the StuH 40 ausf G, the chassis of which was best suited for installing a 105 mm howitzer. Originally howitzers were equipped with a “two-chamber” muzzle brake which we can see in this version. Later, from September of 1944, howitzers designed for installation on this vehicle were produced without a muzzle brake.

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