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Game mode ‘Ground Attack’ in RB
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Dear Players of Realistic Air Battles!

We’ve added new [Ground Attack] missions for different country pairs and ranks to the rotation of Realistic Air Battles and, in addition, we’ve increased the number of possible locations for [Operation] missions for all available nations. We’ve also further improved the creation of sessions based on the available countries and vehicles of the players waiting in queue. As a result, matches and their locations will become much more varied!

Many thanks to all of you who took part in our voting regarding the developments of this mode. Please leave your feedback on our official forum!

Missions which were added to the rotation:

  • Alpine Meadows
  • African Canyon
  • Crater
  • Pacific Hidden Base
  • Lonely Island
  • Fjords
  • Berlin Suburbs
  • Cliffed Coast
  • Top of the World
  • Paradise Island
  • Desert Coast
  • Spain
  • Western Europe
  • Mediterranean Island
  • Merchant Fleet
  • Apple Gardens

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