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Changes in arcade ground forces mechanics
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Bombers, for tankers, often appear as a sudden surprise, frequently there is not enough time to react. This particularly affects arcade battles where the mechanics of this mode are such that enemy aircraft will only appear when players select the air support event via the HUD. Now bomb ordnance on aircraft in ground forces arcade battles will have a delay of 10 seconds set by default. This means that even when a bomb has struck the ground it will explode only after 10 seconds have passed from when it was released, ground vehicles will now have time to avoid the explosion. In addition, bombs that are close to player will have an icon above them, warning those in the area about the danger.

We are also giving players an opportunity to use the old artillery strike system for arcade battles. Now you will be able to switch between the current one (map based) and the view of your artillery target, which raises the camera over your vehicle for a better choice of artillery strike position. Notice that the height of the camera elevation above the ground is reduced in comparison to the previous implementation of the feature, thus it will provide less of a tactical advantage while using it.

In simulator and realistic battle modes you will only be able to use the map based artillery strike system.

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