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The NDA for Ground Forces Closed Beta-test has been partially lifted
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Dear players!

The NDA for Ground Forces Closed Beta-test has been partially lifted.

Please note that the software under test is a very early version of the game, the current test is designed to find and fix bugs and errors, to balance the game and basic game principles properly whilst also ensuring it has been made fully stable for future integration. Thus the current version contains flaws and bugs that may affect both the game experience and the visuals. Also there is some experimentation being done that may not reflect the essential game experience. This is the reason we are running CBT and this is why the NDA has been enforced.

A member of CBT when signing up agrees that this is a preliminary early version of the planned release and that the game is likely to have errors and bugs. The test will in addition is liable to major changes implemented at frequent intervals throughout development.

Yet we understand that our players would like to share their impressions of CBT, their lucky screenshots and videos. That is why we decided to partially lift the NDA. New rules are the following:

CBT members now permitted to:

- talk publicly about the test and the currently available game content
- Publish video footage and screenshots from CBT
- report in-game bugs within the special CBT Forum
- enjoy the game and have fun.

CBT members are not permitted at the moment:

- online streaming of the CBT footage

- Publish any information concerning bugs, errors or flaws outside of the dedicated CBT forum.

- Publish negative remarks of certain self observed issues or about CBT in general (everything is subject to change at this stage)For this stage of development to be progressed quickly and efficiently, it is vitally important that you follow the above guidelines.



Thank you for your support and understanding!

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