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New Gun Scope for Ho.229 V3
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Because of the fact that the real Ho.229 V3 never had a scope installed on it, we couldn’t define the precise position it should be mounted right from the start. Our selected variant caused fair critique from our players so we began to search for a better and more realistic position in a cockpit for it.

You can see the result of our research in these screenshots we have provided. The scope will be attached to a mounting that is similar to those that were used on the late Bf.109 modifications and not on control panel frame as it is now.

This change will slightly decrease the view from the cockpit, while the scope itself will sit closer, appear bulkier you will now be able to aim at targets whilst using the default position of the game camera without needing to zoom.

shot 2015.01.20 17.46.01 gunsight
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