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Steel Generals: M4 Sherman
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After it saw the effectiveness of the Blitzkrieg in Europe, the US army started an emergency improvement of it's armed forces. the M4 came as a direct development of the M3 accomplished by mating a redesigned M3 hull with a fully revolving turret armed with the 75mm M3 L/40 model cannon. The M4 used an air-cooled, gasoline fuelled, Continental R975 radial engine that produced 400hp. Armour was from 30 to 76mm thick. The M4 never had an easy time fighting German tanks but later variations with more armour and more powerful cannons helped to even things a little. The M4 and it's variations were supplied to the British, Soviet and other forces under the lend-lease program. Untitled_000004 Untitled_000006 Untitled_000008 Untitled_000015
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