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Steel Generals: M5A1
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The M5 was first used in the invasion of Casablanca in French North Africa. By 1943, during the invasion of Sicily, the M5A1 was becoming the standard light tank of the US. Because of their limited fire-power, the M5A1 eventually took on reconnaissance and escort duties in Italy, it was used all over the European and Pacific theatres of operation. The M5A1 was quite effective against most Japanese armour used in the Pacific theatre. The 37 mm main gun, although obsolete in Europe, was found to be effective against Japanese targets. Two Cadillac flat head V8 engines which used the General Motors Hydramatic transmission making gear change easy. The engine and transmission were nearly unaltered from the automotive applications, which were usually found in the Cadillac LaSalle and other top General Motors civilian vehicles. The Cadillac engines operated reliably but were underpowered. The petrol fueled V8's ran very quietly unlike the noisy radial aircraft engines in previous models. shot_2014.12.05_13.50.22 shot_2014.12.05_13.51.36 shot_2014.12.05_13.52.14 shot_2014.12.05_13.53.05
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