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Towing cable

In the heat of a ground vehicle battle, vehicles sometimes roll over after a collision or encountering a rock unexpectedly, this can lead to them being stranded or stuck on their roof or side. A tank in this state becomes totally helpless and can only call on the help of allies in the hope that they will be able to successfully push the tank onto both it’s tracks again. This may take some time, and the enemy, of course, does not waste any! Also fellow allies in the process of rescuing can accidentally damage both themselves and the vehicle that is in need of rescue. We are pleased to show you one of our new features that we plan to release in the near future. Now players will be able to the use a tow rope or cable which can help get an ally out of trouble. Please note that the mechanics of the feature described below - is what we are working on at the moment. Changes to the mechanics of the system before its release to open access are possible.     A new button will now be available to players which they can use to call for help (default button 0). Surrounding allied players will see the icon on the vehicle that asks for assistance: 1 Icon above the friendly tank shows that he requires assistance from his teammates Aim at the point to which you want to attach the cable - you will notice, that both the request for help icon and the aiming reticle have changed their colours as well as now you are able to see a preview of the cable attached between your vehicles. Use the keyboard “help” button for cable activation: 2 Now a tow cable is attached between you and your ally. Caution! With careless movement a cable can break or become disconnected and you will need to re-attach it again. Now you can easily return the allied tank back into the battle! An ally may push the help button again to remove the request, as well as to detach all attached tow cables. The player who launches the cable can also detach it himself by pressing the same button.

Artillery support

We are also re-working the aiming mechanics of artillery support. You are aware that for aiming convenience the camera at the moment slightly rises. This still doesn’t give players the opportunity to launch artillery strike on the ground above them, and this in turn gives players the opportunity to "peek" behind obstacles and to see the exact position of the opponents there. Now the aiming won’t be done on the battlefield itself, but on the map instead, and that will allow players to launch strike on any position:     When you press the artillery support button - the mini-map will open on which the player can choose the zone to attack with artillery strike. Since such mechanics will significantly increase the places in which the player can use the ability (while the radius will be limited so it won’t be much different from what it is now), the artillery attack will not be available to hit spawn points - the icon will be coloured red, warning that it will be impossible to target that area. New artillery strike mechanics will work in all ground force modes. Besides the listed changes above, we are also adding the dependence of shell impact spread to distance at which the player calls the barrage. We will monitor battles closely and it is possible that we will make further changes to how it works based on tests.

Repair assistance

The last ground forces feature which we would like to inform you of is an opportunity to accelerate the repair progress for your teammates. Now, if you are near an allied tank that is busy repairing, you can also activate a repair on them and it will speed up their repair process. While assisting you are unable to be active in combat, just like with regular repair, so choose the right time between repair assistance and fire assistance for your teammates!

Telescopic sights

We have prepared a practical addition for aviation enthusiasts as well. Now the aircraft, which had telescopic sights installed, will have a special kind of aiming view available to them. It will work on the same principle as the sights for tanks and allow players to lead a more accurate fire on enemy vehicles, disabling their vital parts. shot 2014.12.04 18.27.15 shot 2014.12.04 18.36.22

Improved aircraft damage model

We are also continuing to improve our damage model for aircraft in the game. Soon you will be able to tear off pieces of the tail or wing on the aircraft at any random spot that has been weakened by damage from enemy fire. Of course the aircraft will behave differently depending on the point of separation. slow_or-nom-nom-nom In addition to this long-awaited feature, we are also planning to clarify the shape, size, and location of all modules within the aircraft. In order to allow you to see the exact location of all the modules in your aircraft, we also plan to include “x-ray” for aircraft in the hangar. The last thing that we want to talk about is the change in the kill credit for Realistic and Simulator battles. In future, if you shoot off the wing or tail of the enemy who is not close to his airfield, the opponent will be counted as immediately destroyed. This should make the award faster and fairer. Of course, these are not all the features that we are working on. Keep an eye out for our blogs, test new features upon their release and leave your constructive comments on our forums!

See you on the battlefield!

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