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The SMK (named after Sergei Mironovich Kirov) was a prototype tank made to answer requirements for a successor for the T-35. The design team in Kirovski Works under Kotin came up with a design for heavy multi-turreted tank. It was armed with a 76.2mm cannon mounted in the rear turret and a 45mm one in the frontal turret. The armour was designed to be able to withstand direct hits from 45mm shells. The SMK Design together with T-100 and KV-1 was battle tested in the war with Finland. It is worth mentioning that the KV-1 design was derived from the SMK and it had many design features taken from it. In War Thunder, the SMK will be available as a Soviet premium tank purchaseable through Golden Eagles.   Icons_4_GameMods_000001 Icons_4_GameMods_000005 Icons_4_GameMods_000010 Icons_4_GameMods_000011
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