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New “To Battle!” Button
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Selection of game modes has been simplified and its functionality has been expanded at the same time. Now the most popular events and test modes will appear in the main list, which will also become clearer.

War Thunder has more than 10 modes, as well as everyday events. All of these modes are an integral part of the game and are popular among the players. However, presenting all those modes to the players is a difficult task that we will solve with the new mode selection menu in 1.45.



The “To Battle!” button has been moved together with mode selection window in order to simplify navigation for the player throughout the interface. As a result, we have expanded functionality for you by presenting these choices in a new form, we have made it easier to select the next match.

In addition, the mode tiles are not static - we will be dynamically adding popular events and tournaments in there so that you are always aware of what is going on in the game and don’t miss anything awesome!

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