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New features in ground forces arcade mode
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As you have probably already noticed, we have been busy experimenting on a new mode with respawn points for mixed battles for a while now. But even though this mode has nice fluid progress, it was felt that it was still missing some sort of a unique feeling for arcade – an excitement that would make games feel both glorious and fun. We came to the conclusion that the best option for arcade battles would be an implementation of a player triggered events system, that would for short period of time, change the course of combat. Just imagine the situation when player can jump right into an attacker or a heavy bomber and other players would react by selecting fighters right away to stop or protect him. At the same time all players know what is going on and can change the tactic on the ground to get all the benefits from a changed battle situation. That sounded interesting!

This is exactly the kind of mode we want to implement in our ground forces arcade battles. And now let’s move into more details about how it will work.

Players will earn points, that they can spend to create or to participate in the aerial battles. Like this, for example, to create an “attacker battle” the player would need to spend two points, and to create a “heavy bomber battle” - three points. To join the battle as a fighter you will only need one point and at the same time both enemies, who are going to stop the initiator, and allies, who need to protect him, can join the fight.

To earn points you need to either destroy enemy player controlled vehicles (one point for each), or to have domination with capture points - it will award one point to everyone in the team for each minute and a half of the domination. Be aware - you cannot accumulate more than one flyout on each aircraft at the same time, so don’t forget to use them!

At the time of the creation or joining the aerial battle - the current tank will stay at the place where it was positioned before player switched to the aircraft and can be destroyed, so it is a good idea to choose a spot where the enemy will have a harder time locating and destroying a defenseless tank. Even if the tank is destroyed, it won’t remove the player from participating in the aircraft combat, so you will be able to finish it even in this case. The aerial battle itself will be up for a limited amount of time and players will have only few seconds to choose wherever they want to join the battle or not. At the same time people who are in the same squad with a player who triggered the battle will be able to join it a few seconds before the rest, which will give players a possibility of gaining maximum results from teamwork.

All progress made on the aircraft during the aerial battle will be awarded to the leveling up of the tank a player was playing with and shot down aircraft won’t need to be repaired. Additionally, you will not be flying your existing aircraft, but an aircraft specifically selected for this mission. The choice of aircraft won’t depend on the nation that the player picked, but will be chosen randomly from the pool of available aircraft for the mission.

But the ability to bring an aircraft to battle is not only new item! Now artillery strikes can be accumulated, up to three charges, based on how many points a player has, and he can fire them all at once. Each usage of artillery will require one point, which will be awarded on top of the points that are given for participating in the aerial battle and are spent completely separately from the points used to trigger an aircraft event. This means that a player can use both artillery and aircraft at the same time without holding back if he so desires. Though it needs to be noted that player vehicles destroyed with artillery strikes won’t award player with additional points, in exactly the same way as destroying enemies while controlling aircraft during the aerial battle.


We hope that you will have a blast by playing this mode and wait your feedback on our forums!

The War Thunder team.

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