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In the next major War Thunder update we will be introducing the J7W1 "Shinden" ("Bright Lightning"), a Japanese single-engine, high-speed, short range interceptor manufactured by "Kyushu" (formerly known as "Watanabe"). Made to satisfy the requirements of the naval specification No. 18-C (J7W1) and equipped with the Mitsubishi “MK9D” (Ha-43 Type 42) engine.

The first prototype of this aircraft was flown on August the 3rd, 1945. In total it made 3 test flights with a total air time of about 30 to 45 minutes. Later the aircraft was taken to the United States for research. The second prototype was incomplete and was captured by the Americans. After it’s restoration was completed by the US, a series of tests were conducted at the Park Ridge facility. The aircraft received the official US designation “FE-326”. J7W1_5 J7W1_9 J7W1_2 J7W1_1 J7W1_7
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