War Thunder background
City location "Poland"
We are often asked when urban combat will be shown in War Thunder, and many other questions about the urban ground maps. First of all, we understand how important careful design is of these maps, as the gameplay in enclosed spaces dictates the additional conditions that the game designers and artists try to regularly introduce in urban locations. It's no secret that when you create a War Thunder map, artists first need to get an idea of the area, which will be similar to the planned map and that it features are characteristic of a certain type of terrain. This should be followed by some symmetry in gameplay - neither of the teams should get a tactical advantage over the other without a tactical reason (this is asymmetrical balance of events). shot%202014_07_31%2020_23_09.jpg03_tank_small_village04.jpg06_tank_lake3.jpgshot%202014_07_31%2020_37_45.jpgshot%202014_07_31%2020_28_01.jpgshot%202014_07_31%2020_39_08.jpgshot%202014_07_31%2020_24_46.jpg Currently in development we have several urban locations. We offer you a small video clip from our future map "Poland".  
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