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Join In Progress 2.0
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tutorial_fighter Dear friends, we have improved the “Join in Progress” system, which allows players to connect to a battle that has already begun. This will somewhat reduce the waiting time and increase the session population in the battles (AB, RB, SB) and events. Edits Aircraft - AB, RB - 90 seconds. Aircraft - SB - 4 minutes Tank - SB - 3 minutes All the other modes - 2 minutes
  • Cross-session gameplay (when survivors of one match can join next one instantly) is interesting, but yet difficult to implement
  • Ability to see planeset etc before actually joining the match (and hence preparing) is something they are considering.
  • Confirmed that JiP will be optional in some time, devs talking about about improving  JiP in current form
  • About waves of connection in long missions - Devs think its more likely to happen. Also he says that its a good idea to remove bots when there are more than 6 players in the session.
  • New players replace bots currently
  • System designed so there wont be more than 1 player extra for one team, when fully operational.
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