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Today, May 15th, War Thunder Ground Forces go into Open Beta thus becoming available for everyone to play. The tank part of the game is still considered in development, but without a large-scale testing it would be very difficult for us to move forward and deliver you the best experience possible. We are going to implement many major features (such as multiple controllable turrets), new locations and, of course, many new vehicles in the future updates. Bug fixing is also an integral part of game development, and we will appreciate you helping us to improve War Thunder by reporting any bugs you find on this special sub-forum. Also, since experienced War Thunder pilots already have access to a multitude of high-level aircraft, while tank progression starts for everyone from scratch, “tanks vs planes” battles have been temporarily disabled. When a substantial number of tank players reaches high ranks in Ground Forces, we will bring the combined missions back to the rotation. See you on the battlefield!
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