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Crew Lock
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блокировка ком It’s a shame, but some players are ready to ditch their teammates when they feel their team is inferior to the opponents. For instance, if one or two members of the team disconnect from the game or there are too few fighters and too many bombers on the map, these players will just quit the battle. Some of them bail in the ‘unlucky map’ or even when the blazing sun is in the wrong position. As a matter of practice when these players leave the game, because they don’t want to play in a weaker team, that team actually goes on to win the battle. In fact no one can predict the outcome within the first 5-7 minutes of the 5 on 5 match. In realistic and simulated aircraft are hidden, so nobody knows anything about the other team, fights there 3 minutes goes by before the first bursts of fire actually happen. Therefore one can understand the outcome no sooner than this point. Players, who quit the battle within the first 5-7 minutes, let their team down. However, we think that it’s too strict to lock the crew in the game until the match ends. That’s why in version 1.35 we introduced the temporary crew lock for the first 7 minutes of each battle or till its end - eg whichever happens sooner. Unfortunately due to technical Issues we had to disable this feature, but enabled it again in version 1.37 and then disabled it again. Nevertheless, the crew lock caused a beneficial impact on sportsmanship With the passing of time more new players appeared in War Thunder, some of them conduct themselves in an unsporting manner and do not play fair. Though they are few in numbers, but their behaviour can spoil the game for many others, filling their hearts with hatred and anger. We hope that the players will understand why we have the crew lock back (we also guess, that the majority of players won’t notice this feature, since 99% of them spend more time in battle). The ones, whose crews are locked by accident, we recommend to get familiar with other aircraft in the game. During the second battle the crew from the first one will most certainly become unlocked. Some players suggested not to lock the crews fallen in battle, so that there would be a second chance to crash the aircraft with the crew on board. We are still considering this suggestion, but at the moment we believe, that it’s better to learn how to fly on different aircraft or in a test flight. Sad to say, but this won’t prevent those who are faint-hearted from intentional aircraft crashing. Maybe, an unwanted turn of events may happen or even a malicious team kill may occur, so we will continue thinking of various options to ease crew locks in these cases.
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