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The T-35 and Multi Turreted Control
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Dear players, we are pleased to present to you a new feature of the Ground Forces in War Thunder. We are confident that turreted vehicles, with additional weaponry will significantly enhance the gameplay, adding entertainment and realism. This is an important stage in the development of the War Thunder project.

T-35 - The Soviet heavy tank of the interwar period. Developed in 1931-1932, it was the first Soviet heavy tank launched into mass production at the Kharkiv Locomotive Plant.

The T-35 was a five-turret heavy tank with a classic layout, with cannon and machine gun armament and armour suitable against light weapons. It was intended to support infantry and tank units in the breakout of heavily fortified enemy positions. The T-35 was the world's only five-turret tank to be  mass produced, and it was the most powerful tank of the Red Army in 1930.

Since 1933, The 5th Heavy Tank Brigade of the Red Army was equipped with T-35 tanks., In 1936 the T-35s were allocated to the reserve of TTBr Command. Until 1941 the T-35 did not participate in any engagements, but it was used during maneuvers and exercises, and was often used in military parades, as a visible manifestation of the military might of the Soviet Union.

The T-35 participated in the initial phase of hostilities in World War II as part of the 34th Armored Division of the Kiev Special Military District. Tanks were quickly lost, mainly due to technical faults (only seven tanks were actually lost in combat).

In total only 61 T-35 heavy tank were ever built.

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