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Battle Rating for Arcade Matchmaking Explained (1.39)
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In patch 1.39 , we adjusted the principles behind the arcade battles matchmaker. Previously, the balance was calculated based on the combat rating of only the most efficient aircraft. However, in Arcade mode the player has the opportunity to participate in the battle with more than one aircraft, and we decided that the calculation should take into account the rating of other aircraft in the lineup. From now on, the original principle of operation of Arcade balance will be changed. The calculation now includes three aircraft with the highest combat rating from the lineup. Meaning, the battle rating (BR) of the "top-end" aircraft in the lineup plus the average BR value of the other two aircraft - the resulting value is the number that the matchmaker will now take into consideration : Arcade BR for Matchmaking CodeCogsEqn_003.jpg where A = BR of the "top rated aircraft", B and C = BR of the two aircraft following it with a difference of not more than 0.6 BR. For example, suppose that a player in the match has the premium Spitfire Mk.IX ( BR = 5.3) which is the “A” plane in our formula , the P-63A- 10 Kingcobra (BR = 4.7) which is the “B” plane and a F4U-1c Corsair (BR = 4.7) is plane “C”. Under the old scheme the final BR would be equal to the BR of the top rated aircraft (Spitfire = 5.3), where in the new scheme the BR rating would be calculated as follows: Arcade BR for Matchmaking in this specific example CodeCogsEqn_002.jpg This, as you can see, is a difference of 0.3 between 5.3 and 5.0 ! It is important to remember that the resulting calculation of the BR result is rounded to the nearest number of series X.0 , X.3 , X.7 - i.e. the value of 3.35 will be rounded down to 3.3 , where a value of 4.5 is rounded up to 4.7 . Restricting the difference in the BR rating of the top three aircraft in a line up is introduced for obvious reasons - without limitation, the player with the line up MiG-15bis, I-15 and a I-15bis would produce a BR rating (8.7 + (1 +1.3) / 2) / 2 = 5.0 (after rounding) and will include a player to a battle of 3rd or 4th rank, where he would have a significant advantage. Instead in that case where the difference between "top rated aircraft" (A) and two following aircraft (B and C) is more than 0.6 BR, rating will be calculated as follows:


If player goes to battle with less than three aircraft, BR will be calculated as before taking in account BR of top ranked plane. This system allows you to more accurately calculate the balance in the game in arcade mode fights. Player BR can be lowered if player has low efficiency. When this happens players BR can be lowered and not more than 0.7BR. Discrepancies that can be seen in BR tooltip are caused by that fact and players with BR lower than it should be are in bad streak and MM is helping them to recuperate. BR cannot be and is not increased for players performing good This is not ideal solution and we are thinking of possible solutions and different implementation.
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