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War Thunder Competitions - April winners
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Dear players and Fine Arts experts!

A new month has arrived, so it's time to proclaim the winners of our last month's Community competitions! As always, a lot of effort has been put into the content that was created, and the winners will be happy to receive their share of the prize fund totalling more than 25 000 Golden Eagles!

Interested in joining any of the competitions below yourself? Then don't waste any time and visit the forums for more information!


Straight Screenshot - 1 500 
Creator: kangoo1963e
Artistic Screenshot - 1 500 
Creator: bomberpilot1784
Historical Recreation - 1 500  
Creator: DerLutz


Skin - 2 000 
Creator: Enzofer
Skin - 2 000 
Creator: Hueynam1234
Skin - 2 000  
Creator: Sonoda_Kotori

First Place - 5 000 
Creator: TheCodMineMan
Second Place - 4 000 
Creator: dany116
Third Place - 3 000 
Creator: VonRichthofen555

Fourth Place - 2 000 
Creator: TheTitan
Fifth Place - 1 000 
Creator: LucchiniSW

Previous Competitions:

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