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MiG Anniversary
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From 11:00 GMT (3:00 PST) December 8th to 11:00 GMT (3:00 PST) December 9th

Special discount for purchase of the following MiG aircraft
MiG-3 - 30%

MiG-9, MiG-9P, MiG-15, MiG-15bis - 20%

A design bureau headed by Artiom Mikoyan (assisted by M. Gurevich and V. Romodin) was founded on December the 8th 1939. It’s name MiG and it was an abbreviation of two names - Mikoyan and Gurevich.
In the next 74 years the OKB MiG had developed more than 450 projects, 130 of them were mass produced. MiG aircraft held 72 world records for speed, altitude and climb rate. There were a total of 60 thousands MiG’s produced.

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