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Community Corner: Cinematic Fragmovie
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Pilots and Tankers!

How about something different for our Community Corner? Certainly as one of the more popular kinds of gaming videos out there, frag compilations can be really cool to watch. Today, we feature an amazing one created by YouTuber Ivan Seelnon, showing off some really cool destruction in War Thunder. We think he did an amazing job with his video, so have fun watching and don't forget to leave a like and comment.

Got what it takes to create your own cool frag compilation? Don't hesitate to mail us a link and who knows, maybe we'll feature yours next time!

Through the Community Corner, we highlight some of the amazing masterpieces created by the War Thunder Community on a daily basis. If you enjoy cool videos, helpful guides and interesting content created by the players, then this is the place for you! If you happen to spot something out there that you think needs some much deserved attention, then feel free to drop us a link per mail!

The War Thunder Team

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