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Urban Warfare
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Urban warfare, combat in the narrow streets and always in contested towns and cities, wasn't exclusively conducted by infantry. To overcome enemy emplacements and pierce through the deep defence lines of the enemies, heavy tanks were especially brought in to the action to provide the necessary firepower. For tankers, this was often a nightmare, as enemy infantry could hide behind any turning or cover, just waiting to attack at close range with a variety of anti-tank weaponry.

While you don't actually have to worry about infantry when commanding your tank in War Thunder, there are still many peculiarities to consider as you navigate through rubble strewn streets in the game. Learn new tactics in this video and discuss and share your ideas on our forums!

The War Thunder Video Tutorials are a series of video guides created to equip the Community with the means necessary to compete on the fierce battlefields of War Thunder. Featuring the crew of the Igromania gaming magazine, they offer a player-focused insight on the game's mechanics, playstyle guides as well as tips and tricks to those who want to master the game. Be sure to check them out and leave your feedback, comments and ideas for future episodes on our forums!

Find other episodes of this series on our YouTube channel.

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