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Golden Battles in War Thunder!
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Pilots and tankers!

Let us thaw out in January with some Golden Battles where the victors receive the spoils of war! Earn up to 1 000 Golden Eagles by winning battles this Sunday! Teamwork is key, work together to achieve greatness. 

On Sunday, the 17th of January
from 02:00 until 04:00 GMT and from 17:00 until 19:00 GMT 

Be victorious in battle and earn Golden Eagles!

For the 2nd victory

For the 3rd victory

For the 5th victory

Achieve the Golden Deed (3 victories in a row) and receive another



  • In both time intervals your progress for the event will be reset and you will be able to gain a reward for completing the tasks second time.
  • The total number of victories doesn’t require completing one after the other in one session, all victories will be scored, which will be earned at the time of the special.
  • Only battles with a personal activity of 80% or higher will be scored.
  • Performing the “Victories in a row” is acceptable only in same session time period, but not more than one time in that session period.

The War Thunder Team

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